Ciff  Travels and Tours Ltd is a certified Travel specialist offering dedicated personal services to all her clients. We are always within reach to provide the best overall solutions to your individual travel needs. No matter your  choice, we offer unique service to organize your travel  arrangements. We recommend relevant offerings and also provide   cost saving options that will make your trip easy and add value to you. As travel specialists, we are experienced in all the deals of the travel world. We dedicate resources to the building of knowledge  and bring this to the doorsteps of our clients. Our goal is to give you everything you expect and more from a travel and tour specialist. With us, your travel arrangement is guaranteed. All you need do is make one simple phone call and everything will be taken care of.

In today's travel environment, it can be challenging to find a professional organization to help you navigate the complexities of researching and booking travel itineraries at the best rates, particularly for business trips or tours that go beyond a simple point to point movement within your locality. It can also be costly spending your time searching multiple websites for travel and tour deals instead of focusing on the business at hand – your business! We can help with that! In fact, it's what we do best – using our world class technology to search out the optimal routes and fares to ensure that you get the most efficient and cost effective travel itineraries. Our service solutions are created and designed to meet most individual and corporate clients’ requirements. We also know that individuals and organizations have their own objectives and service needs, so we offer flexibility and choice to all customers. Some of our customers require full end to end service solutions and support, while others require on-line booking solutions for simple transactions, or even a blend of both. That's why at Ciff Travels and Tours we are interested in knowing you and discussing your travel needs with you before we come up with recommendations to best acheive your objectives. Our overall solutions will meet and exceed your expectation.



    To be a one-stop shop Travel Agency, built on a culture of excellence, efficiency and professionalism, where all your travel needs would be met

    To be the best among equals in prompt, excellent and quality service delivery to our clients